We Hear You, Part I for the July/August Issue

Readers respond to the July/August issue

by the More.com editors

Your magazine is my favorite and one who’s subscription I always renew. I find it inspiring and fun. You asked for suggestions on how to make it a better magazine for "us". I have transitioned from my early life as actress/dancer/producer – to this part of life as designer/writer/mother. (Multiple hats have always suited me based on my many passions!) The one thing I would like to see more of in More, would be articles relating to parenting. I think there are a vast number of us who are trying to manage this age, yes, in mind/body/spirit – but the bigger sum of life is around managing the parenting part. The traditional "parenting" magazines are geared toward 30 year old new parents with infants and toddlers, I have a big smelly almost 13 year old son, and I do it on my own. I think there are a lot of us at my age that do this with their lives, all while trying to look good and be healthy!

Thank you for asking our opinion, and thank you for your time.
Darcy Lee

Documenting the Changes
As I write my check for a subscription to "More," I would like to share, if you will, several thoughts. I am one of the "newsstand" magazine purchasers you mention in your summertime "editor’s letter."

I am subscribing to "More" because as a soon-to-be 57 year old, I am intrigued by the dynamics of the aging process and the manner in which they are addressed. For me, the aging process seems to have consisted and seems to continue to consist of "snapshots" of rites of passages arranged on magazine pages that can be quickly or slowly turned. A personal snapshot of a caring woman (my mother) and of a pensive, pre-adolescent girl (me) sitting in a school auditorium while waiting for the beginning of a movie designed to help a pensive pre-adolescent girl approach a woman’s "time of the month" quickly becomes a snapshot of a middle-aged woman (me) talking to a still caring older woman (my mother) about the "change" of which whispers were heard during adolescence. As I reflect upon such snapshots, I am always interested in knowing how other women are reflecting upon their lives’ snapshots.

Thank you for allowing me to share!
Nancy A. Verhoek-Miller
Starkville, MS



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