We Hear You, Part I for the July/August Issue

Readers respond to the July/August issue

by the More.com editors

MORE doesn’t preach, either. Please don’t change that approach! I’m an adult. I don’t need to be told what to do. Keep up the brilliant work! And thanks for the hilarious quip about your colleague wearing a real pineapple on her head. Quite a fashion statement, I must say! We don’t see a lot of that kind of thing in Maine. Warm regards,
Shirley Savage
Harpswell, Maine

Too Much Fluff
I’ve enjoyed my subscription to MORE magazine and wanted to respond to your request for feedback. My only complaint is too much focus on fashion & makeup. I’d rather read about "real" over-50 women and what they are doing.
Jennifer Jones

Reinventing What You Own
Dear Ms. Seymour, Before I share my thoughts with you, let me tell you a little about myself. I am 54, have my MBA, and am currently a Vice President at a large defense contractor in the Washington, DC area. I have been married for 34 years and have no children. What I would like to see in MORE is a sharp, deep focus on the significant and important issues women my age are dealing with today, from serious financial issues to fashion and beauty challenges.

And when it comes to beauty or fashion, please stop showing me new products to buy. Tell me how to better use what I already own. What I would LOVE to see in MORE is a recurring fashion article about how to shop at home. How to make do with what you’ve got. How to turn what you already own into a new look, again and again and again; day in and day out, week after week. I would really like MORE to become a resource for me regardless of the topic; a true resource with solid information that I can work into dealing with the questions and challenges of my own life. Hopefully, I’ve given you some food for thought. Best Regards,
Deborah A. Brunetti

Unethical Patchwork
I take issue with Rebecca Denhoff’s statements that she "provides her own veterinary care" and that she "is not afraid to sew things up," not to mention that area veterinarians are encouraging this behavior. As a veterinarian, I spend a great deal of my day educating clients and fixing things done by medical professionals who just like Mrs. Denhoff think that their skills translate to animals. They do not. Just as it would be irresponsible (not to mention illegal) for me to practice medicine or surgery on a human, it would be for people like Mrs. Denhoff who are not licensed to work on animals. I think those statements give people the false impression that what we do can be done by anybody and that there is no need to consult a professional. Shame on you more for printing such irresponsible statements.
Alondra Velez, DVM

Where is the Wisdom?
I find that the MORE magazine is more for the 40-year-olds and I must tell you 40 is not old…not even close. You should have more women in late 40s and 50s-60s. Just an FYI…I am 58-years-old and my son just taught me how to snow board this past winter in Co. What a blast. It just seems that you are forgetting us older women. We do have a lot of history and experience and we are always ready to share but also ready to lean new things. Please find more room for the older ladies in you magazine. Thanks,

Time for MOST
Dear Lesley, I began reading MORE over six years ago when the article about going gray first came out. I was inspired! And I did it that same year. I now have a lovely thick head of shiny, silver hair; it is the most complimented thing about me. All thanks to MORE.

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