We Hear You, Part I for the September Issue

Readers respond to the September issue.

By the MORE.com editors

Gray Debate
When I received my September issue, I spied the cover teaser “Is Your Hair Color Aging You?” and decided to flip to it immediately.
I’m immediately drawn to the color wheel showing celebrity hair colors. I note that Emmy Lou’s  is the only one strikingly void of shine and embarrassingly unattractive, compared to the other silky offerings. While Emmy Lou has a beautiful full head of glorious gray hair, you’ve selected the most unflattering photo for the gray hair section of the color wheel. Plus, your sub-headline reads “simple solutions, return to your roots (not the gray ones).” You made your point.  Gray is bad, and color is good! 
I’m 62 years old and have a full head of (what I’m told) is beautiful gray hair. I’ve been gray for over a decade.  I continue to be disappointed in those who have a forum to reach women continue to weigh in only on the "gotta dye your hair" bandwagon. My hair color IS flattering to my face. I never received compliments on my hair all the years before I went gray. I’m always pleasantly surprised when friends and strangers compliment me on my hair now.
The cosmetic industry’s advertising and American society has truly brainwashed
women into believing they can never give up coloring their hair without being pitied, 
or dismissed as old, haggard, dull and unattractive. While I heartily agree with points
made in the article regarding choosing colors most reminiscent of your childhood color; the message is still painfully the same sorry old song that you won’t look young, or attractive, without coloring your hair once those gray hairs start appearing. 
But those of us proudly displaying our old gray heads need your help in finding products to help keep the yellow out, and to make our hair more porous, manageable and shiny!  Here’s your opportunity to celebrate great numbers of us who still look pretty darn good at our age and are desperate to find products specific for our gray hair. 
Advertising revenue is the lifeblood of publications, but so are your consumers and we are tired of being overlooked! And I consider myself to be one of those "women of style and substance" your magazine banner claims to celebrate. 
Linda P. Ferguson
Savannah, GA

A Vote For Gastric Surgery
I just read Roni Caryn Rabin’s story “The Miracle Bonus of Weight-Loss Surgery” and I can relate to her experience. In 2001, I had gastric bypass surgery after I hit my all time high weight of 305. But, now my weight varies between 160-165. I am not skinny nor do I want to be. I finally figured I either needed a size 12 foot or a size 12 butt because my joints were killing me, and I could no longer bear all that weight. So, I decided on surgery, and the result is I am finally a size 12.
The whole trick to the surgery is a mind thing. Your body will adjust and you will learn not to eat ice cream, or pancake syrup, or lots of sugary things because you will pay for it, although, I do still occasionally have something sweet, but not often. Too much and I am paying for it later. I was one of the lucky ones, as my blood pressure and sugar had not been affected by my weight but I am sure it was only a matter of time. The only real negative drawback I have gone through is the hanging skin, which did cause major issues. I finally had most of the skin removed two years ago in Costa Rica by a private plastic surgeon. 
 I am glad I had the gastric bypass because I know I will live a longer, healthier life. At 56, I not only look great, but I feel great.
Debbie Dunn

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