We Hear You, Part I for the September Issue

Readers respond to the September issue.

By the MORE.com editors

Cover Conundrum
As a woman of color over 40, I have loved reading your magazine and have been inspired by your fashion features, and interesting articles on health, wealth, family, and career. In fact, your past story about a woman who went to medical school at 50 partly encouraged me to enroll in law school at 40­ (and I graduated last year).  I have also enjoyed seeing many of my favorite actresses and celebrities on the cover— Kyra Sedgwick, Diane Keaton, and Katie Couric.  The monthly editorial from Lesley Jane Seymour is refreshingly honest and the redesigned look seems in step with modern women over 40.  So what’s the problem?
With the exception of Angela Bassett, Anne Curry, and Michelle Obama, I can’t recall seeing a woman of color on the cover of MORE.  On a fairly regular basis there are women of color featured in the magazine, but rarely is one front and center on the cover. Why is that?  Aren’t there any Latino, Asian, or African-American women celebrities and personalities who have something meaningful to share with your readers?  Are white women and in particular Jamie Lee Curtis (who has appeared on the cover more times than I can count) the only women with interesting life stories of triumph, self-discovery, or humor?  I don’t believe that to be the case.  There are women over 40 in every hue, shape and size who have lived full, rich lives and who have thoughts to share.
Before I cancel my subscription and cease recommending your magazine as a must-read for my over-40 friends (who are from various races and ethnicities), I am asking that you consider broadening the scope when selecting a woman for your cover. Some suggestions for future covers are: Lucy Liu, Salma Hayek, Ruby Dee, Alfre Woodard, Vanessa Williams, Khandi Alexander, Veronica Webb, Iman, Rosie Perez, or Debbie Allen.  These are only a handful of the beautiful women of color whom I would imagine have something to contribute to the conversation about how fabulous life is after 40.
R. Jackson
Memphis, Tennessee

She’s a Believer
I knew I hadn’t subscribed to MORE, so when I received the September issue with a subscription invoice attached, I was about to toss it into the recycle bin. Then I noticed the picture of Laura Linney on the cover and I thought hmm… a person who has just started a new show, which I happen to like!
I saw the editor’s letter “Can Friendship Last Forever?”  How novel–a second hmm.  An article about friendship, and not love or sex. Since the letter was so interesting, I decided to keep looking. I read the book reviews, looked at some advertising, Christiane Amanpour’s interview and then I read the attitude article “How He Found Me” by Delia Ephron.  I was intrigued by the way Delia drew out the story from Susan and the way that Susan told it so matter-of-factly, with heartfelt remembrances. Of course that got me to thinking about some of my stories, the paths we all choose and the memories we make! It was such an enjoyable article.
I had the renewal form already in the envelope with “cancel” written across the invoice. I remember reading the offer, which was to subscribe for $19.97 and I could send a gift subscription to a friend.  It was then I realized that this is probably how I came to get this wonderful magazine! I have some really great friends and whomever it was, must have enjoyed your magazine as much as I have.
And of course, I’m not going to send the cancellation!
Christina Bushman
Oklahoma City, OK

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