We Hear You, Part II for the July/August Issue

Readers respond to the July/August issue.

by the MORE.com Editors

Tired of Tea
In the recent issue of MORE, you included a short piece about a woman whose "re-invention" involved joining and organizing for the Tea Party movement. It is important to note that the Tea Party Movement was recently condemned by the NAACP for the racist language of some of its more vociferous and belligerent members. I am not suggesting that the woman you profiled is necessarily racist by virtue of belonging to this movement. However, as the NAACP noted, unless the Tea Party as a whole separates itself and bans the racist expression of some of its members, then the movement as a whole is tainted with their bigotry.

While the woman you profiled was careful to distance herself from the anti-choice stance that is espoused by much of the movement’s leadership, the fact remains that the majority of Tea Party membership is also anti-choice.

Finally, on a personal note: I come from Boston, home of the Boston Massacre and the original Tea party from which this movement derives its name. I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. Every morning on my way to high school I would walk past the Battle Green where the first skirmish of the Revolutionary War was fought. Believe me, the current "Tea Party" movement bears no relation to those original patriots and the causes for which they fought and gave their lives. Anyone wanting to get a fuller view of that history would do well to rent the wonderful HBO special about John and Abigail Adams, starring Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney. It is interesting that the modern "Tea Party Movement" has gained relatively little traction in Massachusetts.

Alison Luterman

It’s About the Journey
I thoroughly enjoy MORE magazine and appreciate how it is created for women in my "season" of life. I just completed the online survey and have done so a couple of times now. I would be remiss if I did not comment on an article. As I current subscriber and soon to be 50 year old woman, I find that it is important to share what is on my heart when asked and yet could not do so specifically on your survey.

SEEKING THE INVISIBLE was a very interesting article. I enjoyed reading about different quests in the spiritual. However, it appears as though my and many others’ spiritual journey was not mentioned. I would like to think it was not overlooked, but with 54% of Americans listed as Protestant/other non-Catholic religion, I cannot help but wonder.

I know that it is not "politically correct" to mention Jesus…I am a non-denominational Christian who is simple in her belief in Christ. I found it interesting and enlightening to read about these other journeys, I would have just like to have read about a perspective that I believe is relevant to many other woman as well.

Thank you for your magazine and the opportunity to share my opinion.
Tamara Allgaier

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