This is 40!

Turning 40 seemed like it would be easy.  After all, I already had so many friends that I adored and loved and thought they were even better once they turned 40; probably because I wasn’t!  The thing is, once you turn 40, you can run but you can’t hide— get into downward dog and look at the skin on my belly or thighs… Gravity is taking its toll whether I’m working out everyday or not! And I remember thinking at 30 at the skincare counter, this stuff isn’t for me, it’s for those women in their forties.  Like it or not~ here I am and I always believe better to embrace your circumstances than to fight them.  I am trying my best to be a consistent practitioner in my health noting saying no to sugar on a daily basis and limiting my daily wine now to weekends, avoiding french fries when possible, and exercising more ( like everyone else) and taking time for myself.  I took my first SOLO vacation this past holiday.

I love where I am in my life right now.  I am a successful, single, professional,  mother of three teenagers ( almost 20 one of them) and am looking for happiness in each day.  Although, I’ll admit I have those moments where life sucks you down into the earth, there is nothing like finding a new seed just waiting to be sprouted.  I am growing into an entire garden and in my earlier years I didn’t believe that I could.  Turning 40 empowers you to take the reins and make decisions in your life like no other time.  I may have been scared along the way, doubted my path, or worried about minor things, but today and NOW is where I am living and I love it! 

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