5 Signs He May Be Cheating

Worried your fella may be unfaithful? Consider these five warning signs.

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After talking to women about being cheated on, I learned that many signs were overlooked. Keep these tips in mind when giving your heart to someone. Remember you deserve to be treated with respect. Here are the warning signs to watch out for:

1. Increasingly Private. If he sneaks off to make phone calls or to send a text. You might have to do some investigating. An easy solution is to ask to borrow his phone. If he acts nervous or gives you a lame excuse why you can't use his phone, he may be hiding something.  

2. Never in the Mood. Start to worry if he couldn't keep his hands off you before, and now he's too tired or sleepy to have sex. This is a big, red flag. Also, if he's suddenly into some drastically different sex acts and before he was less than adventurous in bed. He may have learned these tricks from someone else. This is another red flag. 

3. Change of Hygiene and Grooming Habits. If he's usually a jeans and T-shirt guy and now he's P. Diddy, this could be a cheating clue. Also, if he insists on doing his own laundry, he might be trying to hide stains or another person's scent.

4. Frequently Canceling  Dates. If he changes plans with you but has never done this before, this might be a sign of devaint behavior. Often times, cheaters have a lack of interest in their current relationship and in turn find ways to spend time with the other woman.

5. Suddenly Talks About Ending Relationshp After Arguments. Watch out for statements like "If we ever broke up, I would always be your friend" or " If we broke up, I would always love you."  If he constantly make these kinds of statements, be suspicious.  



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