8 Rules To Make Your Best Decision

How to listen to your soul when it comes to making decisions, achieving your goals.

by Saskia Roell • More.com Member { View Profile }
Saskia Röell is a Soul Purpose Coach, radio host, bestselling author.
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Have you ever experienced not wanting to listen to the whispers of your Soul?

Last week I had an argument with my Soul about flying across country for my business. In the end, my body had to take me out of the discussion. I got sick. I wasn’t going to San Diego. Period. And that’s the end of the story. And yet I so wanted to go to San Diego.

It was the hardest decision I’ve had to make in a long time. Never was I so torn. It was painful, to be honest. My suitcase was packed and standing in the hallway, the taxi on its way, the last phone calls made, and yet somewhere deep inside of me I knew that I should not go against my inner GPS. But I wanted to. Who turns around 30 minutes before departure time?

I had been looking forward for months to meeting with our mastermind business group in San Diego. A few days before, I started feeling sick, but I had plenty of hope that I would shrug off this bug.

The morning of my departure I woke up early and heard the voice of my Soul telling me I couldn’t go. I argued that I would miss out on a fantastic business opportunity and that I had to go.

I ignored the fact that I felt very sick, which was a sign I should stay in bed and not push through. Silently I wondered if I had been pushing myself too much lately. Maybe I should just "be more and do less."

My inner pusher didn’t like the idea of canceling the event. I am unstoppable in reaching my goals, and normally nothing holds me back.

Can you relate to a situation like this when one part of you wants something so badly and another part, your inner knowing, tells you to do the opposite? It drove me crazy.

The day before I had called my girlfriends, talked with my husband, and pulled at least eight oracle cards to help me decide what to do. I needed an answer to my burning question.

All of them pointed out that I should NOT GO. I needed rest and to nurture myself, so I’d better shut off of my logical mind to figure out why I couldn’t go.

It was weird because it’s my second nature to tune into the guidance of my Soul. And in this case I felt confused because I wasn’t willing to listen. I wanted to go, no matter what.

And then 30 minutes before departure I got cold feet. I felt scared to go against my Soul’s council. I’d almost never done that, and I feared the consequences.

With a bleeding heart, I wrote my coach that I wasn’t coming, sent the taxi back, and climbed back into bed. It felt good to listen to my inner GPS, I must admit.

Here’s what I learned. There are 8 Rules of the Game:

#1. Sometimes we don’t understand the logic of the Soul and will only figure out the reasons afterwards. However, we must be humble enough to obey.

#2. Our bodies are very honest, and we can’t ignore what we feel. Your body’s GPS always tells you the truth. Something needs attention when you’re not feeling well.

#3. It takes courage to listen to your body and Soul and then deviate from your plan. Be open to see what happens when you do.

#4. It’s okay to be confused. It gives you practice to talk with both parties. Being confused means not wanting to be with reality. Figure out what you’re missing.

#5. There are times for pushing to achieve and times for listening to receive. Decide what is best for you. Ask your body how it feels when you decide either one.

#6.  Be more and do less; that’s the order of flow.

#7.  If fear comes up, investigate if it’s worth listening to. Don’t back off. Dare to leave your comfort zone.

#8.  No worries if you ignore the voice of your Soul, but be aware of the consequences ((smile)).

To come back to my first question: Who turns around 30 minutes before departure time?

You only turn around if you’re really clear that it isn’t the fear that’s stopping you, but the love of your Soul that’s guiding you to your best destiny.

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