The Accidental Cap Maker

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My Second Act story developed unintentionally and arose from a need I had that couldn’t be filled. I had no idea that at 50 I would be a small business owner, running a successful online and wholesale business! I also had no idea that I would be able to help so many women who are experiencing hair loss from chemo, alopecia, or other medical conditions – and that is the best result from my Second Act story!

I was a stay at home mom to two children when I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects your thyroid, which in turn affects every aspect of you. I was very self conscious about my hair loss (a symptom of Grave’s Disease), so I wanted to wear a cap when I went out. I love the comfortable fit of baseball caps but wanted one that was feminine, fun, and colorful. I wanted a cap to wear that would make me feel great and look fabulous! I scoured the malls, catalogs, and online sites, and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so decided to make them myself. And that is how Madcapz was created!

Now 3 years later, I have an online website,, selling fun unique feminine caps and visors to women all across the country. I also sell wholesale to hospital gift shops, oncology boutiques, golf pro shops, golf retailers, gift shops, and small boutiques.

I had no idea when I began “my Second Act” that I would own and operate my own business. It certainly has had its’ share of ups and downs, but overall I am so grateful for the experience and look forward to taking “my Second Act” to the next level – whatever that may be!

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