Age Appropriate Behavior

I was buying some of my magical miracle wrinkle remover cream, and I suddenly realized that my skin care system had changed. Now, to optimize my skin’s rejuvenation efforts, the company had sorted their skin care products according to age. So, there I was in the holistic pharmacy deciding on whether to buy the products that correlate with the correct birth date on my license or feed my ego and buy the products that correlate with the birth date on my expired license that still sits in my wallet.

It would have been an easier selection had this man not been standing in the same aisle looking at the 30-year-olds products. This guy was older than me and he was buying for someone younger than me. I don’t know why, but that made me feel a little defensive and really old looking. So, with hurt pride, I bought from the 30-year-olds line. I still have not regretted that decision although the man in the store probably had a good chuckle all the way home.

Skin care companies are not the only companies to sort products by the age of their customers. I saw online that women should pick their wardrobe according to their age as well. While I don’t want to dress like a 20-year-old, I draw the line when some wardrobe analyst assumes I need a stretch waistband. Okay, on some occasions such as Thanksgiving and mental breakdown days when I scarf down a bag of Doritos and a half-gallon of ice cream, I might welcome the stretch waistband, but to assume that these clothes are the typical fare for a woman in her 40s is ridiculous and downright stupid. So, I wrote this wardrobe consultant and told him just that. He emailed me back and told me why it’s not good to live in denial.

Bathing suits also come in age appropriate designs. I am not sure where the transition from bikinis to one-piece suits happen but I am thinking somewhere between the end of college and the beginning of the realization that gravity does hit everyone unless you are someone with a big bank account and good plastic surgeon. I can live with the one-piece suit. In fact, I love the one-piece suit. I love the suits that suck in your stomach, hips and thighs. Granted, I need my asthma inhaler for a day at the beach, but not being able to breathe is a small price to pay for a svelte, jiggle-free body.

However, I have noticed when they start putting swim suits in age-appropriate displays, the big “grandma” suits are starting to creep over to my racks. You all know these suits: the tops on these babies have more support attached to them than the Golden Gate Bridge. The fabrics contain these blinding floral prints, and everyone of these suits has an attached skirt that falls almost to the knee. To top off this ensemble, there is always a rack of bathing caps near the grandma suits that sport those big rubber flowers all over them.

Let me just say right here that some women look truly wonderful in these suits and as I travel down life’s path, I may be one of those women, but for now, I just don’t want to see them in my bathing suit zone in the store.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a jeans and tee shirt type of person. I live in denim. And luckily that is one wardrobe staple that transcends the decades. Yes, there are different age-appropriate jeans such as slim fits, boot cuts, relaxed and loose fitting, but they still all look like jeans.

As the years go by, I will no doubt embrace the age-appropriate wardrobes. I will probably buy the age-appropriate wrinkle cream for my face too, but all I ask of the apparel and cosmetic industry is to let me face the challenges of aging on my own and at my own speed.

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