Alzheimer's Test

If there was a test that told you that Alzheimer's awaits in your future, would you take it?

by Allie Robbins • Member { View Profile }

Alzheimer's Disease runs in my family big time. To the point that we (me, mom, sister, aunts, cousins) were in a genetic study a few years back that looked at DNA, and whatever else, to figure out why Alzheimer's runs in certain families. I've seen way too many people with AD - someday I'm going to write a blog post, maybe even a book, about all the ways that Alzheimer's Disease SUCKS.  But, that's for another time.

Today, I just want to ask you a question: If there was a test available that could tell you definitively whether or not you will get Alzheimer's, would you take it? Would you want to know?

Without trying to influence your response to the question, I just want to share that I do NOT want to know. Absolutely not. Until there's a cure, something they can do about it if I am going to get it, the scientific world can just keep that information to themselves. I'm willing to admit that my decision "not to know" is definitely based on fear. After what I've personally witnessed in my mom, my aunt, and my grandmother, I fear Alzheimer's more than cancer. I would rather have all my limbs cut off than have AD. In fact, while I'm not necessarily a proponent of euthanasia, I have to say that I might consider it for myself (not for anybody else) if I ever got the "Big AD" diagnosis. (Wow, Allie, got pretty heavy-duty there for a moment.)

In the name of rational thinking, I do realize that I could conceivably take the AD test and find out I'm NOT going to get it. I have not resigned myself to the fact that the diagnosis is inevitable for me. But, that's still not enough reason to find out for sure at this point in my life.

Anyway, what about you? Would you take the Alzheimer's Test or not? Right now, based on what we currently DON'T know about how to prevent or treat it?

BTW: Can you study for an Alzheimer's test?

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