Annoyances: Or Habits Gone Compulsive

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They seem to be everywhere.

They seem to be everywhere all the time.

What I’m talking about, are the little things in life that can annoy the heck out of us. One that comes to mind, is the obsessive compulsive way that my husband does things. Not just some things, but most things…

Let’s just talk about the way he puts ice in his short, stubby cocktail glass.

He walks over to the icemaker on the refrigerator door and proceeds to do the same thing with his glass and his fingers and the ice, over and over again… I sit in my chair or on the sofa quietly, and watch and wait while he heads over towards the refrigerator door.  I know, as well as my name, all of the sounds that will follow. Klink, klink, klink, into the glass goes the first “layer” of ice cubes.  Followed by two more cubes being allowed to enter his “cocktail glass heaven.”  

Next, he begins to settle the cubes that have fallen into his glass, in a way that only someone of Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies could understand.  I can hear the shifting of the ice cubes in the glass.  You see, it has to be that way because he will not, cannot, put another cube into the glass until he has all the first lucky pieces of ice settled in just the way that pleases him.

OK, those are in and I can now hear the ice maker releasing a couple more cubes for him to play with in his short, stubby glass.  I am willing to bet that the cubes are arranged in the exact same manner each and every time he does this ritual.  He does this as he stands in front of the refrigerator exactly the same at ease position that he “always” does. 

Oh, the lucky ice cubes that get so much fondling, so much care and attention…

Finally he is ready to allow the drink of his choice to slowly be poured into his glass and will 100% of the time take one small sip before being seated in his favorite chair.

This little annoying behavior will repeat itself at least three more times during the evening. 

And, this is only one of his annoying habits that absolutely drive me crazy!

So what’s a wife to do? Perhaps when he starts doing something different, I will know that something beyond his control has occurred and he might actually need medical attention.

Until then, I guess I will put up with this one little life annoyance.

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