The Art of Thank You

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A case in point: My son-in-law, who is a real estate underwriter, had been going through quite a tough patch. For the first time in four years, he found himself out of work (the market in Southern California had dried up and therefore so did job opportunities) and becoming a father. Obviously, a new job with full benefits had to be obtained, post haste! He called former co-workers, the school that he received training from, went on-line, cold called agencies and mortgage offices all hoping one would lead him to another job.

Since he knew that at one time I had taught a class on "how to get and keep a job", he asked me for advice. The best advice I could give him: Write a thank you note to the interviewer! Even if they only saw you out of curiosity (why you were out of work, what place went out of business, etc), the fact is, they took time out of their schedule to talk to you. Thanking them reminds them who you are, what you need and that you appreciated the time spent on hearing you out.

One person upon receiving my son-in-law’s e-mail, called him up saying he was impressed to the point that even though he didn’t have an opening, he would make some calls trying to get him a real position! Turned out, that after a 3 month dry spell, that’s how he got a new place of employment! Again, I advised him to really send this gentleman a sincere and heartfelt note of gratitude.

Too many people forget just how much a few words of thanks can mean. Just like the gift, it’s not what it is, it’s what it means.

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