The Car Crash That Built A Friendship

For her, August delivers two anniversaries — a car accident and a people accident.

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As for the other bookend, there's this: on August 31, in 1993, it rained. And because it rained I didn't go to the beach, as I had planned; I left Saratoga that morning and went to Manchester, Vermont. And because I like to drive around and see the world, I got lost, and because it was getting late, I stopped to ask for directions in a small pottery studio. And because the potter was out of town, her son was watching the shop. And because we both liked many of the same things, we went on some dates. And because we were in love, we got married and then brought into the world our sons: Sam and Nate. 

For many years Scott and I celebrated what we called Blue Moon Day, because there was, as there is today, a blue moon on that August 31. Though we are no longer husband and wife, we share a life-long commitment to raising decent, loving, content and capable human beings. We are bonded forever by our own version of love.

While it may be true that extraordinary things happen only once in very blue moon, I have a hunch they're happening all around us all the time, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the most unlikely of events. Keep your heart open and enjoy the moon tonight.

Hours fly,

Flowers die,

New days, new ways pass by,

Love stays.

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