The Circle

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It’s my belief we met in heaven and then we met on earth.   It all started in High School at a fall dance.  November of 1979.  I noticed him across the dance floor and his eyes met mine. I smiled, maybe winked, looked away, he had me right then….and that was all I wrote.  It was a "life will never be the same moment", we just didn’t know it then. I gave my friend Diana a note with my phone number and asked that she give it to him. She happily did! He called me and within a few days we had our first date, November 25, 1979.

We were together for 6 months, until we graduated.  As I read my yearbook, and I quote, "this has been the best six months of my life".  That’s what he wrote.  However, he enlisted in the Air Force and I wasn’t having it, so I broke up with him.  By the time I realized I should not have acted so hastily it was too late, he would not forgive me or take me back.  We kept in touch but he avoided getting back together like a plague. 

The rest is a very interesting journey.  We both lived, we both married, we both divorced, we both grew up.  He forgave me finally. He opened the door to second chances.  A beautiful circle and here we are today 30 years to the date of our very first date, married November 25, 2009.


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