Dancing Salsa

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                           I always wanted to do things together with my Husband , but we weren’t connecting. He likes Latin music, I was into what ever the kids listen to and freestyle of the 80’s . I actually had know idea what i liked, i was trying to find my self. I really didn’t know who I was or what I was interested in, until I decided to surprize my husband and take Salsa Lessons. Mind you I dance Salsa ,but  I had no idea how to dance with my husband. I always got nerves when he took me out to dance at family gatherings cause all I new was, step back the front and back and i felt like a manneqin( stiff) a little rhythm but not much. One day he told me i wish there was a club around where live that had a live band so we can dance Salsa. So a light bulb lit up! and I look that up on the web. I found a Club ,but before I can tell him I needed to take some lessons . So I found a dance school . I new the basics, but my turns was what i was alwalys afraid of cause once he turned me what was I suppose to do. This Latin Club I found is the #1 Latin Club on Long Island .  They have a live band once a month and on June 29, 2007, They were going to have a familiar Band that my husband kind of grew up with. So I told him I will be taking him out on that Day (June 29, 2007) ,"do not make any plans"! . He was a little uptight about the whole thing but he went along with it and we enjoy our selves so much. Then i told him my secert of taking  Salsa classes just so we can do something we enjoy together. Til’ this day we still go Salsa Dancing Once a month or more and we took lessons together and even bought DVD’s and practice at home when every we see an new move we want to learn it. We are regulars at the club that they even announced my name during the night and how I am their number one fan.!.. I love that place. They make me feel Famous and i love the attention. Ill be there this Memorial Day Weekend celebrating my 17th Anniversary. They will video tape it . if you like you can see us during the week about maybe weds it should be up. Ill be there May 24, 2009. the web site is www.clubwc.com, click on videos look for may 24, 2009 and you will see. its the best place ever, I love Salsa Dancing so much my husband has open my eyes to what i had in my soul and help get out. Our life has changed because we both love to dance Salsa together. 


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