Don't Let Imposter Syndrome Sabotage Your Career

An new book looks at how women self-sabatoge and offers advice on how to bolster confidence.

by Caroline Dowd-Higgins • Member { View Profile }
Caroline Dowd-Higgins authored the book "This Is Not the Career I Ordered" and maintains the career reinvention blog of the same name (

Self-confidence is attainable. Expand your comfort zone incrementally toward a stretch goal. Baby steps will allow you to truly own what you do well and learn to turn off the negative mental self-talk that often surfaces. The imposter syndrome can emerge during performance evaluations or review time when you feel most vulnerable at work. By focusing on what you love to do, you can reprogram you brain to also believe that you do these things really well. Take time to enjoy your strengths and don’t set unrealistic goals of perfection. Celebrate what you’ve already done well.

What is your negative internal script saying? What do you want the positive voices to say instead? Revel in your excitement, anticipation, and successes and become O.K. with the fact that you can and will make mistakes. When professional athletes don’t win the big game, they watch the playback tape, learn what they can do better next time, and get back into the game.

Pull up a chair — invite yourself to the table, and give yourself permission to own your strengths and your self-confidence. The Imposter Syndrome is very real but you also have the power to silence this negative self-talk so you can enjoy your life and your career.

Be sure to check out Young’s book for great strategies on how to thrive in spite of the imposter syndrome.

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