Dressing for the Hairdresser

What you wear to the appointment may influence the 'do you walk out with. 

by Allie Robbins • More.com Member { View Profile }

I’m going to get my haircut this afternoon, and, as I’ve written about before, getting a cool, hip, but not “trying too hard to look young,” haircut is so important. In anticipation of my haircut appointment, I have found myself this morning really pondering what to wear to the salon. I think to myself: What does it matter? Just go and be comfortable. Wear those sweat pants and comfy shoes. Nobody at the salon cares what you wear.  Then I say, “Not so fast.”  Step away from the hair scrunchy (please tell me you don’t still wear those) and think for a moment.

We’re going to the hairstylist (at a young, hip salon, of course), and we want them to transform our hair into a year 2012, slightly funky, youthful ‘do. Yet we show up with no makeup and crappy clothes, looking like somebody’s mother on laundry day. If we go in there looking old and frumpy, I would suggest that the stylist is going to give us a haircut that fits.

So, show up to the hair salon looking the part and making a statement about who you are and what you’re wanting out of your hair. For my cut today, I’m kind of looking for a "modern hippy," an updated shaggy style. So I’m going to my appointment dressed in my new, sleek paisley tunic (made of rayon, not hemp – not going that hippy), fresh make-up, and styled hair (as best I can — boy, do I need a haircut). I want to convey my sense of fun, energy, and a little edge. So I’ll get a haircut with the same vibe. Yeah, I’m thinking there’s a reason they call it hairdressing. Do they even call them 'hairdressers' anymore? May have given my age away on that one.

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