In the Driver's Seat

She liked the passenger seat. But now she and her daughter see the benefits of charting one's course. 

by Elizabeth Titus • Member { View Profile }

She spent just a year at the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, getting mostly As. She loved her work as an integrated marketing communications major, but she hated the isolation of the college. Midway through freshman year, she told me she wanted to transfer to a college in Boston.

“So do it,” I said. “Life is short. And expensive. So don’t stay if you’re not happy.”

My older brother, a doctor, is a chip off the old block. As my father would have advised, were he still alive, my brother urged caution. “She should try it for another year,” he said. “She should hang in there, not be a quitter!”

That did it. I didn't need to ask for anyone's advice about raising my child. If there's one thing my daughter isn't, it's a quitter. Within months, she'd applied to four colleges in Boston and been accepted at all of them. She has learned from me that you've got to take immediate action if you want to change your life. You can't be a passenger, as I was for way too long. You've go to take the wheel!





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