An Examined Life

by Sheryl Faber • Member { View Profile }

I can see myself walking away from that fortune teller, muttering under my breath how really crazy she was – how what she described as my exotic, interesting life could never really happen to someone like me. I’d probably be shaking my head and laughing at the same time, her predictions would seem so surreal.

Softly, so she couldn’t hear me (I was such a sweet person back then), I would probably call her a damn liar. 

Looking at your life from this direction can help you see how much you’ve grown and really accomplished. Maybe you haven’t done all you wanted to but you may have ended up on “the road not taken” and done things even more wonderful and far fetched than you have ever imagined. 

Maybe looking at life from this angle will help you find your way because you have grown so much already and still have time to be that awkward naive woman looking ahead but not really knowing where she is going or what is out there for her. 






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