The Fallen Princess: Christina Kelly

Magazine editor Christina Kelly started blogging again after a 15-year hiatus.

Kelly and her ultra-stylish daughter, V

When former magazine editor Christina Kelly wrote a piece about door-to-door solicitors for the “Complaint Box” section of the New York Times last spring and got an automated reply in return, she had a hunch it was never going to be published. So she resurrected her old blog, Fallen Princess—and posted the story herself. Since then, Fallen Princess has gained more than a thousand followers, who check in regularly to read Kelly’s dry, witty take on topics as varied as G-strings (“Thongs make my skin crawl”), the politics of keeping her last name (“I never change my name when I get married”), the fact that 54 percent of women would rather be hit by a truck than be fat (“Sometimes I still do disparage my body with friends, even though I know better. I’m going to stop. You cut it out too.”). And then there’s the occasional “Demented Product of the Day,” which is often pet-themed: cat potty, pet stroller—you get the idea.

“I like to complain,” says Kelly, who has been an editor at a handful of now-defunct magazines, including YM and Ellegirl (she was editor in chief of each), Jane (where I worked with her) and Sassy (where she gained her own little cult following), and has recently written for Vice. She came up with the name Fallen Princess back in 1994, when Sassy folded and she had to start freelancing. “I had been at Sassy for so long, I was spoiled, being able to write whatever I wanted,” Kelly says. “I had a hard time getting my career going. I would call my friend to complain, and he’d say, ‘The fallen princess!’” Since then, besides working, she got married, had two children and moved to Montclair, New Jersey. Now she’s back to freelancing—and blogging. “I thought, ‘Well, I am the fallen princess again, so I guess I can just use that title and resume my complaining.’”

The kicker? She finally did hear back from the New York Times, and they’re running a condensed version of her original piece this week. All I can say is that it’s a good thing they took so long. 

Read her latest post here.


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