The Famous Person I Met

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It was a sad day in Houston, Texas. Earl Loggins, an icon to Texans but like family to my son and me, had passed away suddenly. We were standing at his burial ground attending a brief ceremony in his honor.  As we walked up to the site, we knew there would be important people there because Earl knew the cream of the crop in Houston. 

Lo and behold, we stood behind a familiar figure. It was former President George W. Bush and his small possey. Awestruck, I nudged my son and pointed.  My college age son Devin said "Mom, I’m a Democrat!" I braced myself to wait until the end of the ceremony before I delivered my mom speech to my son.  I expressed how rare it is to ever meet a president, and that he should shake his hand while I took a cell phone photo. 

Well, I guess the possey heard me and his assistant agreed to snap a photo of the three of us.  President Bush was so obliging.  It was a sheer pleasure meeting him, and it really warmed the cockerals of my heart when he carried on a conversation about college with Devin while the photo was being taken. 

Later I learned that many news photographers were there and our picture with Mr. Bush was snapped many times.  I can say that on this sad occasion, I felt a closeness to this president that will never go away.  He may never know what an impact his small gesture had on a mother—and, oh yeah, on her son too!

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