Fish Out of Water

In the '80s as an ad exec, she felt a little out of her league. But now in her 60s she's a star player.

by Elizabeth Titus • Member { View Profile }

But I was cooked. The stark truth had been revealed. My advertising days were soon over. Oh, I gave it another attempt, moving over to N W Ayer and the U.S. Army account (“Be all that you can be!”), but it soon became clear that this fish out of water needed life support. So I jumped to the client side, American Express, where I happily toiled away for the next 15 years.

Now I am a widow and an empty nester since my only child has flown the coop, leaving me with time on my hands and no one around to tell me what to do and how to do it. Hence, back to school at Sarah Lawrence and the start of a new career as an unemployed freelance writer.

Until I got the call to suit up for Super Bowl, that is. Now, I am part of the team. I took the leap to “Join the World’s Biggest Huddle,” and I am thrilled. The clients are nice. As one woman said, “We’re a fun group.” Many worked at American Express so I believe them. They’ve got a lot to get done by Super Bowl Sunday in February 2014, and I cannot drop the ball or fumble as I have done in the past. I must play this safe. Never will I make a stupid comment like the one I made about Donnie and Marie. Hey, even I know who the Manning Bros. are!


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