A Five Eyed, Six Legged, Four Winged Creature Got Me Where I am Today!

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A Fit and Healthy Hayley thanks to Honey and Propolis.
Photograph: www.health-benefits-of-honey.com

It is quite incredible isn’t it when something quite insignificant jumps up and bites you unexpectedly and your whole life changes!  Some fifteen years ago my youngest daughter was ill with asthma and excema her first home was the local hospital and home is where she stayed "sometimes".
I ran my own business at the time, it was a Coffee Shop and it was hard work, seven days a week.  As soon as I closed up more often than not I’d drive to the hospital to be with my daughter who would be buzzing on a high with the synthetic medication they constantly pumped into her. It would take me hours to help her rest enough to go to sleep and when she did I would snatch a few hours myself in a chair next to her bed.  They didn’t have beds for parents, they would rather you went home but I felt guilty enough leaving her for most of the day and there was no way I was going to leave her at night time too!
As grateful as I was to the hospital staff I knew this could not go on….....what sort of a life was this for her, she was only three years old.
Then one night, as I waited for her to settle I picked up a magazine and started to flick through when suddenly an article caught my eye.  This article was all about the health benefits of honey and propolis both made by our little five eyed, six legged and four winged furry friends the Honey Bee.  Why did I find this article so interesting?  It was telling me as I read, that these two bee products had been proved to cure asthma and excema naturally.  Guess where I went the next day?  Thats right…....straight to the local health food store.  And guess what I bought….....yes thats right again, honey and propolis.
Gosh I was so excited and to crown my day, feeling like a queen bee, my daughter was "released" once again from hospital that very same evening.
I started feeding her honey and these rather large propolis capsules and within a week I could see so much improvement to her excema and she hadn’t had an asthma attack. I was absolutley deluded with amazement, could I really have discovered a way to cure my daughter naturally?  Yes, yes, yes….....she has never been back to stay in hospital with those conditions again!  So not only did her life change for the better bless her, but so would mine some fifteen years later.
Hayley is the daughter I have told you about, she is the youngest of five, she is fit and healthy and starting Uni next week.  After thirty eight years of bringing my children up and now feeling a little redundant I decided it was time for a bit of "ME TIME". I’m sure there are many of you who can identify with that!  I am building a website….....yes little old me is building a website!  And whats it about?  Yes, you got it, the health benefits of honey and propolis and honey bees, after all I consider myself to be quite an expert now.  So please wish me luck, I only have sixty pages so far but I aim for 100s because my new mission in life is to spread the word and spread the honey.

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