Friends Through Thick and Thin

How 10 friends met in seventh grade and became the support of a lifetime.

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At the tender age of 13 and amidst all the angst of being in the seventh grade, I met nine girls, and we became fast friends. Maybe this was out of desperation at the time, but over the years they have become my best and dearest friends.

We supported each other through the wonders of a first kiss, the exhilaration and the heart break of first loves, sock hops and finally high-school graduation. As we entered our 20s and 30s, it was first marriages, the birth of our children and for some of us the devastation of divorce.  

Our 40s and 50s were spent, I think, finding out who we were and liking what we found out. There was remarriage for some us and again the doom and gloom of that second divorce. On the bright side, one of us got a college degree and a couple opened their own businesses. But through it all we had each other and we survived.

Two have passed on because of illness, and we got through it by sharing our grief and loving each other even more. We remember and honor them when we have our "get together’s" by telling and retelling stories about their antics and, of course, pictures we have taken over the years.

We turned 68 this year and are still together. If any of us are having a hard time, all we have to do is look over our shoulder, and we see the faces that we have grown older with and we know we have each other’s backs.  

My best friends are strong, independent, loving women who are all survivors. Whatever is waiting for us in the future, as we grow older, I know without a doubt, we will do it together.

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