In His Father's Boots

She credits her son for finding a way to "nudge" her out of the memories of her lost husband and into the present.

by mickie bunnsmith • Member { View Profile }

So yesterday I'm sitting in my office, and I hear the familiar sound of cowboy boots coming down the hall, which is not unusual, considering a lot of our clients are working men, farmers, and hunters. I was surprised though when the sound turned the corner and entered my office. I looked up to see Keiton and then down at his feet to see a familiar pair of ostrich cowboys boots. Keiton had a big ol’ smile on his face, and I admit that I broke out into one too (albeit I had a bit of mist in my eyes). You see those boots he was so proud to be wearing - were his Dad's. 

Yep, the very same boots that have sat in our entryway under the table where Keith always dropped his keys, propped his cane, and then hung his cowboy hat up above, right next to the Three Little Pigs artwork given to us by Keith's boss, Damon Mayfield. The boots, the cane, the hat, and the artwork are pretty much the first thing you see as you walk through my front door to my kitchen, and all have remained there ever since Keith left this earth almost four years ago. I've been meaning to move them. I have even picked them up and started to another room with them. I've often thought I should give them away to family or a friend or maybe donate them to a charity. 

But, every time I picked them up, I simply dusted them off and put them right back. I guess I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing the familiar items — those little pieces of Keith's everyday life, when I walked through to my kitchen. And it's not that those items comforted me. In fact, my boys would tell you that it has probably kept me from completely moving on with my life; but they would also tell you that there just didn't seem to be any way to move those items without me becoming a basket case.

Until yesterday. Leave it to my Sunshine to figure out a way to "nudge" me out of the memories and into the present.

Last night when I got home my eyes immediately went to the empty spot under the table, but I didn't cry because I remembered the smile on Keiton's face. I have to admit, the boots looked good on him (he said all the "ladies" loved them - lol), and I have to admit standing in front of me so tall with his beautiful blue eyes, that scruff of a beard, in blue jeans with a big smile on his face - well he looked just like his Dad. Keith you would be proud of how tall your youngest son stands in those boots. And Hey Keith - your boots that you so loved - well they are going to COLLEGE! Ain't that something?  Thank you Keiton. I love you, my Sunshine.

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