How She Created Her Dream Life in France

After years as a stressed software developer, she quit her job and created a dream life built on art.

by Alisa Rosseter • Member { View Profile }

Our time in France was life changing and has made us truer versions of ourselves. Things didn't matter in rural France. Nobody cares what type of car you drive, or what label your jeans are. It’s all about quality of life and living every day to it's fullest. We knew we wanted to share this amazing place with others, especially youth. We wanted to open some eyes and change some lives. And so we started Raison d’Art. Raison d’Art offers unique art camps to kids ages 12-17 during the summer. We only take 12 students per two-week session, and we all live together as one family in our 150-year-old farmhouse in the country. Our goal is to inspire young people to slowdown, unplug from the chaos of the modern world, and learn the art of "being." Students paint and draw every day, and we also visit outstanding museums as well as one of the few remaining prehistoric art caves open to the public. Our goal is to provide a deep and meaningful experience, full of inspiration and growth. We also have started offering culinary retreats to adults. A professional chef teaches five hands-on cooking classes in southwest French cuisine, and we are the tour guides. We visit beautiful ancient villages, open markets, vineyards, and goat cheese farms. 

We live a very simple life here and can’t imagine returning to the craziness of Los Angeles. Everyone tells us we are “living the dream,” and they are right. We followed our passion and took a chance, never looking back.

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