I Didn't Get Your Message, Or Did I?

What did we do when we didn’t have all this technology?

by claudia stagg • More.com Member { View Profile }
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If you left me a message today, and I didn’t respond to you, I apologize. I didn't get it yet. Or did I?

Did you send it to my personal email account?

Or was it to my blog email box?

Did you leave it on my home phone voice mail? Or on my iPhone?

Did you text me? Send me a tweet? Or leave a note on Facebook?

I thought I heard my home phone ring, but there was nothing on my caller ID when I found my cordless in between the pillows.

I know I felt my iPhone vibrate, but I was driving and couldn’t pick up the phone to see who it was.

I went to check my text, but my iPhone phone was out of range and then the battery went dead. 

I went to check my email accounts, but I must have used the wrong passwords three times and couldn't think of a new one that had at least one upper case letter, a special character, and non-consecutive numbers that have never been used before.   

I checked Facebook, but I didn't scroll down far enough to see your post.

But trust me, once I find your message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

So when you have a chance, check your voice mails, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and texts.

What did we do when we didn’t have all this technology? Thank goodness for all of it. It’s a great way to keep in touch in "real time"! 

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