I Love Thunderstorms

They give me a chance to demonstrate my resourcefulness with my candle collection.

by Ellen Lambert • More.com Member { View Profile }
Photograph: iStock

I just love it when the power goes out at our house, as it did last night. A rather nasty storm came our way, knocking out electricity and playing havoc with our satellite and the shingles on our roof.  We missed the tornado and hail; just got lots of wind and water. Whoo hoo, it was a party!

The fun part about power outages is how they leave me feeling powerful.

It’s the only time this she-she chick with her extensive frou-frou collection of scented votives, pillars, and tapers, shifts from annoying to resourceful. 

Need a little light on the subject?  I’ve got you covered!

During these rare instances of involuntary darkness, my penchant for keeping all manner of solidified wax products within arms’ reach becomes one of my greatest virtues. Just try finding a flashlight without one in total pitch darkness. It’s amazing what a little wick glow will do!

Suddenly I become the rescuer, the level headed one, the lady with foresight and matches: “Allow me,” I say in my most commanding tone, and voila!  Light!  Sometimes I wish the power would stay off for good!

Still, the charm wears thin come morning time. Showering and preparing for the day by flash and candlelight did wonders for my spirits, but then I was ready for illumination. I grew weary of trying to turn on what I couldn’t.

Isn’t that the way of us? To keep trying what doesn’t work? Don’t you love how we’ll persist in futile behavior? Even though we know the power is out, our fingers still persist in switch flipping. I wasn’t alone.  I caught my spouse doing it several times. Last I saw him he was roaming the house wistfully, remotes in hand, ready at a moment’s notice to resume channel-surfing and garage door opening. All the things we take for granted.

Thunderstorms and power outages. Nature’s little reminders that we aren’t always in control. And since we aren’t, we might as well enjoy the candlelight. And keep some matches handy. Who says emergency preparedness can't be romantic?




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