I Never Thought I Could Do It!

One woman's journey to reach her fitness goals and pursue a healthy lifestyle for the right reasons.

by Abbi Lambert • More.com Member { View Profile }

Let me introduce myself. I am Abbi Lambert, a 46-year-old mother of two with beautiful daughters, ages 20 and 17. I’ve been happily married for 21 years.

I began my work out journey many years ago in high school and then became a cardio chaser in college. Not for the goals of health, but for the wrong reason — to be skinny. Yet in all my years, I was never thin enough, nor satisfied enough with the results. I then began to play with my diet. No, not for health, but for skinny. I did it all. Sadly, no matter how much I have ever done, I never felt complete or satisfied.

I compared myself to many and never felt I could attain the goals others before me have done. As a mother of two, I felt I was living with no integrity. I was sharing with my girls that they needed to love themselves no matter what, that we are all different shapes and sizes, and we are all beautiful. Well friends, I began to see that talking the talk and not walking the walk breeds a lot of discontentment.

I decided to take on my biggest fears and reach for the stars. At 46, I entered a fitness show. I felt that the only one standing in my way was ME. I decided to commit 100 percent to training the right way, and commit 100 percent to my diet, the right way, and 100 percent commitment to my nutritional supplementation, the right way. With all that commitment, I can step into my vulnerability and really believe in me.

I could not have done any of this with out 100 percent commitment from my coach, my inspiration, my trainer and friend, Juan Pla. Juan is the Manager/Head trainer at The Gym in Montvale, NJ.

We have worked together for seven years, and I have never committed like this before. He guided me daily as my trainer, as my dietitian, food, water and nutritional supplementation. He was my strength and never once gave up as he believed in me always. He is a true inspiration for me.

My family knew that I was doing this journey for my personal growth and no matter what, this journey would not pull me away from being the best mom, wife and friend I can be. If it did, I would change my course. I was 100 percent committed to make it all work.

I had many reasons to fall off course. My daughter tore her meniscus for the second time and needed surgery (of course while studying for the SAT, and ACT for college as a junior in high school). My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and both he and my mom moved into my home. My oldest daughter was coming home from college, and I had to make a new room for her as my parents needed hers. I had to give up my summer position as a director for a sleep-away camp for girls to care for my family.

But with it all, I remained 100 percent committed because I owed it to me. It was not selfish because it did not take away from others. It just made me realize how much stress can add to the way we choose to live. I choose to honor me, and I was not giving up on anyone or anything.

Today all are doing well, and I am so happy I met my own personal goals, my own personal win. I never gave up on my family or me. It can be done with love and passion and commitment.

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