I'd Lose My Head If It Weren't Attached

So many things to keep track of and so many places for them to hide. 

by Diane Pascoe • More.com Member { View Profile }

Life is just very complicated, I say to console myself. So much to keep track of and so many possible hiding places. I decide I just need to relax, put my feet up, have some iced tea. I sit happily on the sofa to read the paper, but suddenly I am jolted back to reality … now where the heck did my glasses go? I was absolutely certain they were right there on the table beside the snack-size ice cream sandwich wrapper. I go to the kitchen to search for the wayward specs. I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror with my lost glasses perched right on top of my head, which, just to set the record straight, Honey, is still very attached.

My head is apparently the only thing I haven’t lost.

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