Infinite Possibilities

In a little bit,  I’ll turn the corner on 50, and no one could blame a gal for a little self-reflection. 

by Karin Duncker • Member { View Profile }

You see, I started to realize that the life-altering events I’d been going through over the past three years weren’t just something to “get through.” For me, they were a touchstone, a major turning point. They caused a seismic shift in my topography that has left me changed, and I believe for the better. To use an incredibly trite analogy, a door has shut and another opened. Admittedly, to me it often felt more akin to a door slamming on my butt and being shoved out a window, but you get the picture. And the idea of creating something on my body to illustrate my journey and inspire me forward became real. I wanted my chosen permanent marking to be a physical reminder that I had made it through to the other side better than before. Sure I still had battles ahead, but I wanted to see, to touch my "badge of honor" and know that the storm was worth it. An awful lot for a little mark to represent, huh? So I started searching for the right one, and I found it. Or rather, it found me. And two weeks ago I had my Thursday appointment, with Friday.

Friday Jones is a warm, genuine woman whose infectious excitement and joy fills her studio. She’s also the incredibly talented artist who presented me with my emblem of transformation, in a room filled with palpable serenity. Did it hurt? No. Was I scared? No. Do I love it? Absolutely, without a moment of hesitation or regret. And from this day forward if I find myself filled with fear or doubt, all I need do is reach over and gently touch the small carnelian-colored open lotus on the inside of my right arm and acknowledge the infinite potential, new beginnings and positive thought it ushers into my life. A just reminder of battles well fought, and won.

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