Infinite Possibilities

In a little bit,  I’ll turn the corner on 50, and no one could blame a gal for a little self-reflection. 

by Karin Duncker • Member { View Profile }

To go with a tattoo symbolizing endless possibility, how about a pastry dough with infinite potential? This Almond Galette Dough recipe is simple yet elegant (to match my new tattoo) and can adapt to just about any summer fruit or veg wonderfulness you find at the farmer’s market or roadside stand.

Galette is a French term that basically means rustic tart. This galette dough is easy to make for a tart today or stow in the freezer for later. Best of all, you don’t need a pie dish, or a top, or snazzy crimping skills. Just roll it out into a rough circle, fill, and fold. The result is a rich yet thin crisp crust that could go equally well with fruit or savory fillings. And you don’t even need a fork to eat! You could easily fill this with a thin layer of goat cheese and top with thin sliced tomatoes and basil, or go sweet with berries, peaches or even apples and pears. But when you macerate strawberries with sugar and a little balsamic vinegar, and top with sliced almonds it’s pure heaven!

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