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A call to action to get 100,000 signatures on a petition to lower the colon cancer screening age.

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Have you ever met someone who immediately impressed you with their aura of beauty and determination? I have. I met a wonderful woman with two young children who is dedicated to making her husband's death mean something. Who is struggling to turn the energy of her grief into an engine for saving lives. And she needs help from all of us!

To give you a little background, I recently attended the South Jersey Fashion Weekend event at The Mansion in Voorhees, N.J. What I didn’t realize was the focus of the event was to benefit the fight against Colorectal Cancer. There were a number of survivors walking the catwalk: women who have fought against terrible odds and are still here to raise a fist in the air and energize us with their spirit and joy in life. Then, the family of a young man who was taken from us far too early was introduced to the crowd.

Dave “Diamond” Cox was only 41 when he died as a result of colon cancer. An active, vibrant man with a huge part of his life still ahead. But within three months of being diagnosed, he was gone (two days after his 41st birthday). A great tragedy for his family, and for the world — potential we will never be able to see.

Why is this one story so important? Because they need our help. They need to get 100,000 signatures on their petition to lower the colon cancer screening age by March 31st.

I interviewed Arkell Cox, Dave's widow, on my Internet Radio Show, "The Average Superwoman Show." She presented me with statistics that stopped me in my tracks and made me shake with fear. For example, in 2013, over 100,000 new cases will be diagnosed. People UNDER the age of 50. Out of those 100,000, at least 50,000 will not survive. Fifty percent mortality rate.

The fact is that in many cases, by the time the symptoms become apparent it is TOO LATE. And every day, younger people are being diagnosed. In fact, if you are sitting around at a party with 20 of your friends, at least one of them will be diagnosed with this disease. Could you pick and choose which one? Should we have to?

Now, think about this: Do you remember not so long ago, some little girls created a page on Facebook, saying that their parents said if they got some astronomical number of “Likes” on their page, they could have a puppy? I don’t think it took a week before they hit their goal, and lots more. If a couple of little girls can get hundreds of thousands of signatures so they can get a puppy in less than a week, I think we can all spread the word to save lives and get at LEAST 100,000 signatures by March 31st.

Such a small thing. Just click on a link, sign a petition, confirm your signature via email. No donations required. No addressing envelopes and taking them to the Post Office. No knocking on doors in your neighborhood, no setting up a table with a big jar at the local supermarket. Just point, click and vote to help save lives.

Let’s make today the day when we say “Cancer Is NOT Endless. It WILL have an end! The end starts here. Sign the Petition:

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