A Little More Time, Please

Who ever said 99 years was enough? Thoughts on making time for loved ones.

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Then, a couple weeks ago, our good friends received a similar phone call. It wasn't a car accident for them, but, instead, a terrible stroke suffered by our friend's father. It seemed impossible. He was much too young and his health was too perfect for such a catastrophic event. Our neighbor had just said, "I need to make a point of playing golf with him soon." But, in the end, our neighbor's dad did not recover. There was no chance for that round of golf. No chance to do the things and say the things that were planned for the next twenty years. There was supposed to be more time. It seemed perfectly fine to put off such little things as golf outings for just a little while longer because, after all, there were so many years left to be lived.

And, so I return to that night in November, when I made those pleas and those promises. And, I think of the final verses in the song by Five for Fighting 100 Years to Live...

I'm 33 for a moment. Still the man, but you see I'm a 'they.'

A kid on the way, babe. A family on my mind. 
I'm 45 for a moment. The sea is high and I'm heading into a crisis  

Chasing the years of my life.
15, there's still time for you. Time to buy and time to lose yourself  

Within a morning star.
15, I'm all right with you. 15, there's never a wish better than this...

When you only got a hundred years to live.
Half time goes by. Suddenly you're wise.  

Another blink of an eye, and 67 is gone. 

The sun is getting high. We're moving on.
I'm 99 for a moment. Dying for just another moment.

And I'm just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are.

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