Loneliness Comes

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Loneliness comes… at the end of the day on a Sunday evening when the sun is setting and darkness peaks thru my window, the sound of stillness penetrates my bones, the thoughts of hope dart through my mind.

Loneliness comes… when watching a beautiful wedding, and I see a father and daughter together as one, wondering what it must feel like to be that daughter.

Loneliness comes… after looking into my daughters eyes after a long day, and the hope that her life will get better, her eyes may shine brighter with happiness one day.

Loneliness comes… when I’m in a hospital room with a young man dying of cancer, and the feeling of despair swallows up my soul, emptiness overwhelms me, it is as if I’m being smothered by my own emotion.

Loneliness comes… when I say goodbye to my son, and I stare at the front of the bus, through the window I see a thin-faced boy with an intense sadness within his eyes; it’s as if a thousand knives stabbing into my stomach, and I cry out for help in the hope of being heard.

Loneliness comes… each day when I feel the need to grieve for what could have been, I pour my heart into the air, I breathe in, hoping that happiness will overcome the feeling of loneliness, and the hope that my eyes will shine brighter, and my thoughts will become clearer, at that moment, the pain surrenders unto the day.

The loneliness is bittersweet, it is true, real and it silences my soul at the end of the day…


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