The Mary Poppins Guide to Husband Hunting

A tech-savvy woman decides to take charge of her own destiny by gaming online dating. 

by Roz Warren • Member { View Profile }
Photograph: iStock

“He should never feel compelled to punch a hole in the wall.”

He must “(b)e very, very, very good in bed. I cannot stress this enough. He has to be amazing.”

(Amen to this one, sister.)

And not on the list, but surely implicit? When Prince Charming eventually learned about The List, he’d better find it quirky and charming, not weird and off-putting.

So what happened when Webb finally found Brian, Mr. 72 Shades of Perfect?

“I have to admit that reading through her 72 point wish list was a little creepy,” he says, “but not in the way you might think. [That] list described me so perfectly, it was almost psychic.”

Especially, one hopes, the amazing-in-bed part.

They court. He proposes marriage. She accepts.

Not only that but she also gets a published book out of the experience.

For a writer, that’s two happy endings.

Would Webb’s method work for everybody? Perhaps not.  But it’s clearly a great way to avoid dating a short dude who dons a sports jersey, takes you to a performance of Cats! and wants to high-five you afterward.

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