Men Are Like Cars

When the car (relationship) is new, he seldom worries about watching for any warning lights.

by mickie bunnsmith • Member { View Profile }

As for myself, well, I realize that I have handled all my relationships like I’ve driven my 1986 CJ 7 Jeep, which I lovingly named Lucille. Other than the speedometer and gas gauge, I don’t have any other gauges or bells or whistles to warn me of trouble. No light to tell me she's hot; no light to tell me she's low on oil. (Actually no heater or air either – hehe.) But I’ve learned that if I am attentive and daily keep check on things, she’ll run for me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if men could be like Lucille — fun and uncomplicated — living life and enjoying being happy without the gauges that tell us something is wrong. I, personally, want to “feel” what’s wrong — not be told. For example, everyone knows that I’ve had an ongoing problem with Lucille's clutch (yeah, I don’t do well in a clutch when it comes to relationships either — haha). But the fact of the matter is Lucille’s clutch problem boils down to a 99-cent plastic piece that sometimes just gets in a bind and breaks. Here’s the kicker — now that I know what it is — I can actually feel the “stress” in the clutch when it’s about to happen (it’s like a little flutter). So now when I feel that “flutter,” I ease off the clutch, put her in neutral and coast until I can feel the pressure relieved under my foot. Hmmm, wonder if that would work in a relationship: When you feel that “flutter” of stress or binding or that feeling of being "trapped," if you could just slip the relationship into neutral and coast until you felt it ease off. Maybe I’ll have to try that.

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