My Angel Encounter

I decided to share my story of survival, and it united a group of friends on our weekend getaway.

by Bobbie • Member { View Profile }
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It was a particularly warm June evening, and my girlfriends and I had been planning a weekend getaway for what seemed like forever. That day would finally arrive tomorrow. I was really looking forward to getting away from everything; it would be a welcome break. I went to sleep dreaming about all the fun we would have. 

The spot we picked could not have turned out any more spectacular. It seemed to be land that had barely been touched by mankind. By spending any amount of time in this paradise, one could clearly see God’s handiwork. It had been a long day getting to our destination. So we decided that we would settle in our camping spot and prepare something to eat for dinner. After dinner, someone suggested that we each share an event that had changed our lives in some way. I volunteered to go first with my story.

The event that changed my life happened on what had previously been an uneventful night. I was at home, and I started reading the newspaper. I noticed there was a good movie playing that night at the theatre so I decided to go and see it.

It was a nice night, and I decided to walk. I was just about to enter the theatre when a man stopped in front of me and asked for directions to the police station. He said he had to make a report about something that had been stolen from him earlier that day. I was giving him directions, and then, all of a sudden, before I knew what was going on, he grabbed me. He had a knife, and he took me to an alley that was around the corner from the theatre. He then started saying stuff that I could not really understand. He seemed to be high on some kind of drug, and he was freakishly strong. He started to hit my face repeatedly and banging the back of my head against a cement slab. He also tried to rip my clothes off while trying to suffocate me. I was very scared, and I felt like I was going to pass out very soon. I started to think about my family, and all of the plans that I had for how I wanted my life to be. 

It had gotten dark, and I noticed headlights in the alley directly across the street from where we were. A man got out of his car, and started talking in Spanish to the guy who was attacking me. I did not understand what he was saying, but he did get my attacker’s attention, and that gave me a chance to get away. I then ran to the theatre, and asked for the manager. He took one look at me — I was bloody and bruised up — and he wanted me to wait outside for the police because he thought I would scare away his customers. I told him I would wait in the back, but I was not going to go outside. So I waited in the back of the theatre for the police to arrive, and they took me to the hospital. I truly believe that the guy in the alley had been sent to appear at just the right time to confront my attacker and give me the chance to get away.

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