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When she couldn’t recall the name of her neighbor for 15 years, she devised a way to make up for her shrinking memory bank.

by Dee Williams • Member { View Profile }

As I recently turned 60, my lack of memory is at an all-time high. I recently moved to another neighborhood.  Missing my old neighbors of 15 years, I was compelled to call to see how the ailing couple was doing. Once I got the wife on the phone, I could not remember her name! We talked for 30 minutes. While we spoke, I spent 29 of those minutes looking for clues as to what possibly could be her name. I ransacked my house while we caught up on their health, the new neighbors, the kids, my new place. I prayed she wouldn’t get a clue that I didn’t know her name. I looked in my address book and found them, but I only had her husband’s name listed. After looking in three more address books to no avail, I decided to look her up in our local phone book. Just as she was saying how sweet it was of me to call, I found it! So when she said goodbye, I proudly said "goodbye, Patty."

Although this was a new one for me, it was not the first time my memory failed me. I find myself having to "reinvent" my way of remembering as I get older. I am writing more things down now and with more detail. Not only am I adding the husband and wife’s first names to my listing, I am adding as much as I know about them as  possible (like their birthdays and how many grandchildren they have). This process improves my quality of life, and I’m able to store other information in my shrinking memory bank.

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