My Post-Divorce Reinvention

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Don’t Stop at Success: Keep Evolving

Starting over is a humbling progression; it gave me permission to succeed and I discovered I had more to learn. It’s been my innermost desire to get smarter as I age which is perhaps a way to go against the grain of getting old. I began to see that intellectual development and transferring my knowledge to others was an opportunity to evolve once again. I applied to graduate school, was accepted, and during my first year was invited to teach inner city college students the empowering nature of writing, communication, and public speaking. Today, blissfully outside the corporate world, it feels like the familiar, inextinguishable energy I had is finally put to its highest use. I now hold a Master’s degree, teach students the value of written words, and edit at a renown university press. Reinvention is hard won but its rewards surpass the struggles. It reminds me that there’s an art to balancing on life’s high wire. It’s about testing our boundaries and risking it all without wavering.

By Tisha Nemeth-Loomis, a Chicago-based educator, writer, and editor




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