My Thousand-Dollar Face

An appointment with a makeup artists prompts a barrage of products and a some soul searching.

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More luck with the eyes. First, a creamy powder eye makeup base ($28, with its own special brush, $22) was smoothed over the upper eyelid. Next, what I actually recognized as eyeshadow in a beige-y color with a satin texture ($25 for a tiny compact) was brushed over entire lid from lashes up to eyebrows. A laughable, fingernail-sized brush is included as part of compact, but you would need to buy a real brush for each eyeshadow, at $22 a pop. Over that, but only in the center of each eyelid, she patted on a pearly peachy color ($25). On the outer third of the eyelid and extending up a bit, she stroked on (with a special slant-tipped brush - $22) a shimmery bright blue ($25). 

You should know (and applaud the fact) that I turned down a gold glitter eyeshadow and a bright green frosted number that were very strongly recommended (“these would be outstanding on you”). I stopped doing glitter and frost when I stopped teasing my hair and wearing go-go boots. Next came the eyeliner, close to the upper and lower lashes, in a grey shade. The product consisted of a soft pencil on one end and had something else — I forget what — on the other end ($25). Over the eyeliner came the shimmery blue again, to make my lined eyes “pop.” Then, white goopy stuff called mascara primer was brushed on my eyelashes ($21). I was told this is vital, especially “as we age and our lashes become more sparse.” After much discussion of appropriate formulas (on her part; I had become near-catatonic) black mascara with “fortifying” or “thickening” in the title was brushed onto my upper and lower lashes ($38). Moved on to eye brows — a revelation. Gwen mentioned she would “clean off the pencil” on my brows and start over, and I noted I wasn’t wearing anything on my brows (never do). She was all agog and called over two of the makeup cheerleaders, who chorused, “Natural browline?  You must wear product! Brows define your entire facial expression!” Cowed, I let them choose a brow stick thing in a blonde shade … creamy pencil on one end and little lump of sponge on the other end ($25).

Expression defined, we neared the home stretch with the lips. Onto my primed and plumped lips glided an automatic lip pencil in a rosy shade ($22, comes with a refill) with a stiff brush at the other end. “We” chose a lipstick ($25) that was kind of a coral crystal shimmer, which came in an actual tube with nothing at the other end. A colorless lip gloss ($22) was applied to the center of the lower lip ONLY.

Please note: The cheerleaders impressed upon me the need to buy special cleaning solution to clean all the brushes ($15), and products to take the makeup off, including treated towelettes for the face ($20) and a bottle of special solution ($18) to dissolve the eye gunk.

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