Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

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Strive to Live a Healthy Lifestyle, the Rest Will Follow

Stats:  Age:  45yrs at the start of this book. Height:  5’5 ¼. Yes, I count every inch or part thereof.    Weight: 192lbs.  You may not believe that but it’s true.  Dress size:  14 depending on cut and materials used in construction.   BMI: 32%.  Yes, I’m considered to be obese.  Medications taken to date: None.  Marathons Completed to date: One.  FreePress/Flagstarr Bank ½ Competitive Walking Marathon.  I’m also playing with the thought of enrolling in the American Council on Exercise, (ACE) Personal Training Certification program.  On March 16th 2009, I vowed to myself that I would begin to live a healthier lifestyle.  This time it wasn’t about weight. This time, it was about wanting to age with vitality and favor.


I guess you’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this.  It’s simple.  I want you to shift your focus from vanity to healthy living, to live a quality life which incorporates exercise as its foundation.  I promise you, if you do that, the rest, including weight loss, will follow.  


So here’s to you my friend.  Live life and prosper.

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