The Night I Met My Favorite Actress

A birthday treat to see "Porgy and Bess" offers a rare opportunity to meet an idol. 

by Kelly • Member { View Profile }

And then, thrill of all, Audra emerged. She had to be exhausted from emoting so strongly and singing so fully in her extraordinary soprano voice. I had a chance to compliment her performance, for which she thanked me. She also graciously signed autographs despite the time. I reached and stretched across the line of women in front of me, playbill in hand for an autograph. We had quick eye contact, exchanged smiles, and it was then I had the chance to speak to her. Now I had all three major stars scripted on my program!

Egad! I was thrilled. I told my husband I did not need go to dinner; I was so high on stardust.

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