Nights of the Round Table

Toddlers brought them together, but it took more than that to sustain these friends for 13 years. 

by claudia stagg • Member { View Profile }

Every couple of months, usually on a Thursday night, I meet my friends Debbie, Donna, Jane, and Nora at a round table at Sanducci’s Italian restaurant in River Edge, N.J. It’s been our special meeting place since we were introduced more than 13 years ago when our kids began nursery school together.

I don’t remember exactly when we all became friends, but it didn’t take us long to form our lasting bond over dinner. At first, it was talk about our toddlers that kept the conversation going over pizza, salad and a bottle of wine. As our occasional dinners became more of a regular routine, however, our friendships took a different turn.

It’s easy to see that we became friends not just because of our kids. Although talk about our teens are still part of our night out, they are no longer the centerpiece at our round table. Now our table talk includes every topic from our jobs or our latest venture, to our growing or shrinking waistlines, or the best place for haircuts. We reminisce aout our own coming-of-age moments, and learn that we were very much alike even back then.

We have celebrated milestone birthdays with special friendship jewelry from Tiffany’s, and we are still planning on one more 50th for the youngest of our group. We have found comfort to help us through untimely illnesses or deaths of loved ones, we have gotten strength for our own paths, and still always enjoy more than a good laugh or two.

More times than not, we will laugh until we cry, and don’t feel too embarrassed about our snorts and giggles. It always feels good to when we get together.

Over the years, our friendship has outlasted nursery school, strengthened through grammar school, grown through middle school, and now continues to evolve through high school. We are certain we will be friends through graduation, college and the years ahead.

We are sure that the sisterhood will be there forever and so will our evenings at the round table. Every once in a awhile we’ll tire of Sanducci’s and try a new spot. We always return, however, not necessarily because the food is such a gourmet treat, but because it feels the most like home to us. At our favorite trattoria, we know exactly what we’re getting, we know we’ll be the last to leave, and we’re are absolutely sure we’ll be the loudest table in the place.

At the end of the night, we’ll know that we’ll say our goodbyes with hugs and promises to get together soon. And we know it won’t be too long before we will.

Girls, thanks for keeping our reservations! See you at the round table! 

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