Not A Good Day?

Write, cry, sing, dance, be still for a moment and think deep about the blessings of your day.

by Dolly Lambe • Member { View Profile }
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When I came to work and things started falling into places that made me initially think and conclude that "today is not a good day," I had to make a mind u-turn to think things through again. The reality of today is that almost every word uttered was wrong, every action taken was wrong, every decision made was wrong... and all WRONG to someone else but me. I could not tell why this was the case because I did not see what they were seeing. It was as if we were in two separate worlds. I did not feel the negative ions in the air nor their effect until a few hours later. What was going on? Why was there so much drama around? Even when some colleagues discussed changes in their departments that they were aware was "coming soon," I could feel the tension and anger, sarcasm and disgust in their voices and tones. What was the reason for all these? Why was the air around me so thick today? What was different about this day especially after starting as such a wonderful day with my "hit" breakfast? I am not one to think of anything beyond the ordinary, but then the possibility hit me like a rock. Could it be because it was Friday the 13th? Did we have a full moon yesterday or will there be a full moon today? What could be the reason for all these negative vibes I feel from everybody today? 

My thoughts went back to this morning, and after a few choice words to myself in frustration, I released a sigh and told myself, it will be okay. My Lord who gave me the hit idea this morning for what to make for my family for breakfast amidst my worries and clueless state of mind at 5:30 a.m. will surely take care of this too and give me a way to release my stress and frustrations. 

As soon as I thought through that, it came to me: Open up my account on and write my experiences and thoughts of this day down. There might be someone out there going through the same or similar scenario, or might experience something similar in the near future. Sharing my thoughts might help them know that it is not as bad as it seems. It will be taken care of, and it will be gone before they know it. Just trust and remain positive in your thoughts and actions, breath, do the best you can and let it go; let peace be still, as one of my Aunts would say. The experiences of the day were meant to be woven into the fabric of that day for you, but it too shall come to pass. Write, cry, sing, dance, be still for a moment and think deep about the blessings of your day starting with the fact that you are alive, and know that this too (whatever it is that makes you feel it is not a good day), will come to pass. The sun will be out in the morning for a whole new day and a new set of blessings. "Peace Be Still."

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