Not A Good Day?

Write, cry, sing, dance, be still for a moment and think deep about the blessings of your day.

by Dolly Lambe • Member { View Profile }
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Have you ever experienced a day that is unfolding as not a good day? I do not want to use the term "bad day" because it is not so bad given the fact that I am alive, my family is alive, and well, and on the general scope of things, it is a good day. But again, there are some days when the things you do, the things you say, and your interactions with almost everybody does not just result in positive outcomes. And even if you had no outcomes, everything you say and do just brings back a negative outcome or taste to your mouth and mode? Well I feel like that today.

Interactions with family, interactions with colleagues and even IM interactions with friends/family do not seem to be going on well today. Why is that? I feel like a mere salutation of "Hello, how are you doing today?" brings out the worse in people today. Or maybe, I should say the truth in people? Anyway, what do you do on those types of days? Do you curl up with a good book and read? Do you go to sleep? Or do you emerge yourself into something you like to do and get drown by it consuming the rest of your day? Do you isolate yourself from everyone or do you just say, to hell with it and not give a sniffle about it?

For me, today seems to be one of those days. Okay, "I will just shut up and not say anything to anybody for the rest of the day..." was my first thought and mode of action. Well, maybe. My next thought was: "I would just read something I like and consume myself in that..." Or maybe, I should go shopping ... for shoes, my best shopping item. Not such a good idea because of the damage I know I might cause to our finances in the process if I did this in my state of mind. Like the common saying in my country goes: "for know yourself no bi curse" (translated literally to "knowing oneself is not a bad idea"). I thought better than to settle for this as my final option. 

But again, as much as I tried to come up with options of what I should do to stay out of everyone's way and off course have everyone stay out of mine, my thoughts drove me back to the very moment of the beginning of today when I got up this morning at 5:30 a.m. I could not figure out what to make for my family for breakfast. My thoughts went all over the place, thinking of all the different options I had this morning. Thinking of the different reasons, I quickly came up with why those options were not as good afterall. Reasons like, "Oh, they had that just two days ago..." and "My son did not care too much for that the last time I made that." But thank God, I quickly had an option that the children loved, and my husband wondered what he had done to have this treat for breakfast. It was a hit and above all, I was 30 minutes early for work after preparing breakfast, packing lunches and getting everyone ready for school and work. What a hit! Bravo! How did this all happen from no idea to having a "hit" breakfast?

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