An Open Letter to Human Resources

The time has come to re-enter the paying workforce, and I have a few questions.

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I am your friend, your neighbor, your sister, cousin.

I am bright, witty, well read, educated.

I am your past co-worker who made the choice to be a Stay-At-Home Parent.

I am the person who, when informing family and friends of my new path, was met with “I would never give up my education to stay home with children,” and “I worry that one day you’re going to wake up and realize you have wasted your life.”

I am the person applying for your open position whose resume is not considered because of “the significant gap in employment history.”

And yet:

I am the person you call when you’re running late and need your child picked up as daycare will charge you a $25 late fee.

I am the person you call when you know my children have the same virus as yours and you cannot stay home another day waiting for the 24-hour fever free rule to take hold before they can return to daycare or school.

I am the person you call when you have an early morning meeting, and I happily put your children on the bus with mine.

I am the person you call when you cannot meet the bus, and I take your children home with me, feed them a snack and get their homework started.

I am the Emergency Contact on your children’s forms, for school or camp, because you have taken a job in the city and need a local backup.

I am the person you call after you have received that sick call and who picks up Suzy or Joey, with vomit bag in tow, and waits for your return while feeding them ginger ale.

I am the person you call when you don’t have coverage for school vacations as you have taken that shiny new job.

I am the person you trust with your child as you have an unexpected business trip, needed weekend away with your spouse or a getaway with friends.

I am the person who happily includes your child on our beach days, Easter egg hunts, and trips to the movies or just to hang out with my kids so they aren’t home alone, day after day.

I am the person you call for help when you find yourself with a child too old for daycare, too young to stay alone, and have a time lapse in the summer camp schedule.

I am the person you have arranged to take your child to soccer, dance, lacrosse, music lessons, karate, and there is no way you could get out of work, beat the traffic and get back in time to meet the commitment.

I am the person who drives a 10-year-old Suburban that is always stocked with water, snacks, bug spray, sun screen, blankets, Motrin, air freshener, and vomit bags.

I am the person who waits at the sports field and, in the event of inclement weather, happily piles those sweaty athletes into the “bus” and shares the provisions we have in stock.

I am the person who runs over to let Buster out so he may relieve his bladder when you’re stuck in traffic.

I am the person you call in a major crisis, and I leave my own family, board a plane or jump in my car, and rush to your aid.

I am the person you rely on as a sounding board although the honesty of my words may not always be welcome.

I am the person you call, and I happily listen to your woes, dilemmas at work or conflicts with your spouse, or children, and never expect to hear you ask about my day.

I am the person who bakes you cupcakes just because, throws you a surprise birthday or shower and lets you know you’re valued.

I am the person you call for referrals for schools, medical specialists, plumber, painter, candlestick maker as you respect my opinion.

I am the person whose advice you solicit and respect.

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