A Rainy Cubs Game

A ball park on a nice evening is a wonderful sight to enjoy. But even rain can't dampen a Cubs fan's spirits.

by Malina Damjanovic • More.com Member { View Profile }

Chicago loves it's sports teams. I am a fan also. I enjoy sports a great deal. My favorite has to be baseball. I've always enjoyed watching the game. It was exciting to watch the players hit home runs and run the bases. A ball park on a nice evening is a wonderful sight to enjoy.

I had recently went to a game the other night. Normally the weather had been nice. This time it was not. It had been windy and rainy. The game had been delayed several hours due to the rain. I had been with my boyfriend. Somehow I had a chance to enjoy the scenery. People were out and wet, along with myself. But everyone seemed to be in good sprirts. They were eating and drinking and just having fun. It seemed to be an exciting night as everyone had been waiting for the game to start.

The game did finally start several hours later. The Cubs did not win this night. But the night had still been enjoyable. People were laughing and smiling and making the most out of a rainy night. Chicago does have its ups and downs when it comes to the weather. But the fans are loyal and will deal with what ever the weather may bring. Myself included. A rainy day Cubs game that had been fun.

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