Raising a Transgendered Child

We are showing our child and the world that gender does not define the person.

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Equally important, our family has learned to be advocates. Appearing in front of medical professionals, school officials, friends, fellow students and parents, we stand side-by-side with Sam as we explain a subject that is unfamiliar to most people and misunderstood by society at large. With every opportunity to share a glimpse of what it is like to walk in his shoes — shoes that are well worn because of the rough and uncharted road he has already traveled in his short life  — we feel encouraged knowing one more person might go forward with a new appreciation and understanding for people like Sam. Indeed, nothing prepares you for the challenges of raising a transgender child, but with unconditional love and acceptance we believe we are showing our child and everyone who knows our family that gender alone does not define the person.

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